Our awards recognise true excellence in marketing, advancement, and communication.

Award of


Awarded to all entries that achieve a score of 5.74

Award of


Awarded to all entries that achieve a score of 5.75 or higher

Excellence Award recipients

All entries earning an Excellence Award will be considered for:


Award of Excellence

This may be awarded to the highest-scoring entry in every category.


Award of Excellence

All the entries receiving a Gold Award of Excellence in a category will be considered for this award, and the best entry in a division will receive the award.


Award of Excellence

The three winners of the Platinum Award of Excellence will be considered for this award. The award will be made to the highest-scoring entry across all divisions.

Special awards

Carl and Emily Fuchs

Business Issue Award

This applies to those qualifying because they addressed a critical business issue that threatened the well-being or viability of an organisation and shows strategic involvement, while presenting an effective, innovative resolution with measurable results.

The Severus Cerff Award for

Consistent Excellence

This award is made for consistent excellence. It is based on the number of entries an institution enters and how many of the entries win awards (minimum of 4 winning entries).