Why enter?

We challenge you to enter your work.

Marketing, advancement, and communication professionals sometimes wonder why they should enter an awards programme. ”What is in it for me?” they ask. “Why should I care about an award? My manager thinks highly of my work and I know it’s good, so why should I bother?” Among others, reasons not to enter are that the evaluation process is subjective, the same people are winning every year, and “I don’t like the evaluators and they don’t like me.”

Align your work to global best practice

We believe the Excellence Awards Programme serves a greater purpose than just recognising jobs well done.

The programme is structured to play a significant role in the career development of marketing, advancement, and communication professionals working for tertiary institutions across the country.

It starts with the entry guidelines which are based on professional communication global best practice, and applies to the planning and execution of all communication projects and initiatives. In preparing your entry, you will be able to determine to what extent your work meets global best practices.

Strive for Faster. Higher. Stronger.

The motto of the Olympics Games is Citius. Altius. Fortius. – which means: Faster. Higher. Stronger.

The purpose of the Excellence Awards Programme is to enable us to determine if we are continuously improving every year. In addition, the award-winning work you submitted last year may not earn you an award this year. We constantly need to improve, be creative, strive to find new ways to achieve understanding of our messages, improve our knowledge, and encourage the appropriate attitudes and required behaviours from our target audiences.

Taking part

in the MACE Excellence Awards Programme, will:
  • Build your professional reputation.
  • Win the respect of your leaders and colleagues.
  • Get recognition for your strategic thinking and clever delivery.
  • Above all, make you proud!

Our challenge to you

We would like to see each and every South African tertiary-education institution entering examples of their projects for the MACE Excellence Awards Programme.

It provides you with an opportunity to grow as a professional individually, and to help grow the profession.

We are looking forward to the privilege of evaluating your excellence.