Vasantha Angamuthu

Paid, earned and owned media strategy: The future of media content and what it means for professionals in marketing, advancement and communication
Jonathan McGill

Building a sustainable brand with internal and external forces
Vera Adams

Setting up an effective support team as part of a successful advancement structure – pitfalls and rewards
Lelanie de Wet

Communication best practice and international recoginition
Lizo Phiti

Activating an alumni programme for a major campaign – the Fort Hare Centenary Celebration
Christell Feyt

Student recruitment and diversity imperatives – HE and private sector perspectives
Jandre Bakker

Feedback session: show-casing of Excellence Awards
Khomotso Makapane

Social media and the legal risks of defamation
Shelagh Gastrow

Professional development of advancement practitioners – needs assessment/ watch this space

Communication and stakeholder engagement during times of crisis: lessons learned during the student protests

11:00 | Room B106