6 June

Founder and Managing Director of the All Things Are Possible Group

Shawn Naidu

Shawn Naidu is the founder and Managing Director of the All Things Are Possible Group and the former National Director and South African pioneer of an international youth development organisation that specialised in the empowerment of young people with the vision and mission of developing leaders of integrity.

The ATAP Group is human development, training, empowerment, and social (soft) skills specialists. They create company/organisational wellness through employee/people wellness.

With unrivalled passion and commitment to human development, Shawn Naidu is an exceptional motivational speaker, trainer, workshop facilitator, mentor/coach, and leader. As a transformational specialist with a unique ability to unearth and develop human potential and purpose, he has helped change the destiny of countless lives. With a Humanities qualification, as well as internationally-recognised Youth Development Professional Certification (YDP) obtained in the USA, and other training qualifications, he is a highly skilled empowerment specialist with special emphasis on leadership and character development.

His many years of NGO management experience, working with vulnerable people, especially the at-risk, together with his corporate empowerment experience and expertise, allows him the adaptability to empower people both at cooperate and community levels.

Having consulted as a training and empowerment specialist to various training companies throughout South Africa, Shawn has trained on a wide variety of courses, qualifications, and programmes to national and international clients on various levels –  from international executives to office staff within government, corporate, and community development sectors.

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