Our awards recognise true excellence in marketing, advancement, and communication.

Bronze Seal

Bronze Award

All the entries that achieve a score of 5.24 to 5.74 will earn a Bronze Award.

Silver Award

All entries that achieve a score of 5.75 or higher will earn a Silver Award.

Gold Award

All entries earning a Silver Award are eligible for a Gold Award, which may be awarded to the highest scoring entry in a category.

Platinum Award

This award will be made to the highest scoring Gold Award winning entry in every division.

Red Seal

Chairperson’s Award of Excellence

The winners of the Gold and Platinum Awards of Excellence will be considered for this award, which is awarded to a single entry that embodies true excellence in Marketing, Advancement, or Communication.

Red Seal

MACE Award for Outstanding Research

The award will be made to the entry with the highest score in research. The entry must clearly demonstrate how research supported the strategic objectives of the institution and the project.

Red Seal

Severus Cerff Award for Consistent Excellence

This award is based on the number of entries an institution enters and the number and level of the entries winning awards. The award is therefore made to the institution with the highest success ratio.