Leadership and Business Coach – Strategic Communication Consultant

Dr Phumzile Mmope

 Empowering You To Lead Differently

An internationally certified and credentialed leadership and business coach and strategic communication consultant, Dr Phumzile has a deep understanding of effective communication and how it influences leadership, teams, performance and professional relationships. She is a keynote speaker, facilitator and moderator with an insightful and authentic style. Topics close to her heart are leadership, diversity and inclusion, engaging the workforce, strategic communication and branding.

As a facilitator or moderator, she encourages conversations that challenge the status quo and inspire change through a growth mindset, overcoming the fear of failure and finding solutions to critical challenges.

Dr Phumzile cares about values, inclusion, professionalism and the necessity for authentic leaders to build culturally diverse workplaces where people and organisations succeed.

She advocates for high-quality communication between leaders and people from different walks of life. Her experience is that leaders who communicate effectively and respectfully across cultures will increasingly become sought[1]after, confident leaders who succeed in taking people with them rather than forcing change.

Dr Phumzile also believes communication is a skill that can be honed, no matter how long a person has been a leader. She became a coach and consultant following a rewarding career as an executive director and strategic communication expert over 20 years. During that time, she led and worked with high-performing, multicultural and multilingual teams. The businesses, leaders, managers and professionals she works with are experts in their fields – but might be unaware of their leadership and communication pain points. This is where her expertise lies.

She helps leaders and businesses identify and target painful issues in organisations so that teams can heal and become more productive and collaborative. Offering a best-practice, pragmatic and solutions-focused approach, she tailors each engagement to specific leadership and communication needs.

She holds a PhD in Communication Studies from the NWU. Her research focus area is intercultural communication competence in facilitating strategic alignment and employee engagement in culturally diverse and inclusive workplaces.

This background and her hands-on experience ensure she delivers appropriate strategic and leadership communications guidance to executives and leaders in such workplaces. Dr Phumzile is the author of a research paperback titled: Engaging the Workforce: The Role of Senior Managers in Internal Communication and Employee Engagement. She lectures part-time on leadership communication at Stellenbosch University Business School.