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Last call for MACE Excellence Awards entries!

28 Sep, 2023

Don’t forget to submit your entry for the 2023 MACE Excellence Awards!

MACE members, thank you to those who attended the 2023 MACE Excellence Awards Masterclass in September – it was good to see you on the platform!

It’s evident from the number of attendees that there is great interest in participating in this year’s awards programme, so we want to give you as much information as possible to help you prepare excellent entries.

Click here for a PowerPoint presentation on how to best prepare your entries, by Dr Amanda Hamilton-Attwell, moderator of the awards programme.

Remember: Entering the MACE Excellence Awards gives you the opportunity to showcase the extraordinary work done by you and your team!


Entry time frame:

  • To qualify for submission, the project must be implemented, published, or broadcast between March 2022 and 30 September 2023.
  • Long-term campaigns may be entered, but the focus must be on the elements rolled out from March 2022 until the day the entry is submitted in 2023.
  • Entries that have won in previous years may not be resubmitted, except if they were part of a multi-year campaign and new elements were added within the time frame.

Entry fees and deadlines:

  • FINAL DEADLINE: 6 October 2023. R980 per entry.

2023 MACE Excellence Awards: Call for Entries

2023 MACE Excellence Awards: Preparing for Excellence

2023 MACE Excellence Awards: MACE Campaigns entry form

2023 MACE Excellence Awards: MACE Media entry form

2023 MACE Excellence Awards: MACE Skills entry form

If you have any questions about the divisions, categories, or preparing your entry, please feel free to contact Dr Amanda Hamilton-Attwell at

If you have any questions about administrative issues regarding the entry process or submitting your entry, please contact Mari Steenkamp at

We look forward to receiving your entries!