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Maximising LinkedIn’s power in higher education marketing

28 Sep, 2023

For marketers in higher education, LinkedIn has evolved into more than a professional networking site; it’s a goldmine for student recruitment and brand enhancement. Here’s how you can use the power of LinkedIn’s networking tools to harness its full potential.

Leverage audience insights for targeted campaigns
LinkedIn’s rich data can help you understand your target audience better than ever. The platform has seen an 87% increase in engagement with educational content across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa since January 2020. Use this data to create targeted ad campaigns that resonate with prospective students. Segment your audience based on their interests, educational background, and career aspirations for more effective outreach.

Localisation and global outreach
UK educational providers have increased their local market focus by 47%. While global outreach is essential, don’t underestimate the power of localisation. Tailor your content to address your local audience’s specific needs and aspirations. This dual approach ensures you’re not missing out on potential students, whether they’re next door or across the ocean.

Content strategy: Educate, Engage, Convert
LinkedIn influenced 457,000 undergraduate and postgraduate enrolments in the UK in 2021. To replicate this success, your content strategy should focus on three key areas: educate, engage, and convert. Share insightful articles, industry trends, and success stories to educate your audience. Use interactive posts and quick polls to keep them engaged. Finally, solid calls-to-action and lead-generation forms can help convert this engagement into enrolments.

LinkedIn is a treasure trove for marketers in higher education, offering unparalleled audience insights, local and global outreach capabilities, and compelling content strategies. By leveraging these features, you can boost enrolments and build a robust brand presence in the educational sector.