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Message from the national Chairperson

29 Mar, 2017

Constant change is something we can’t control. We know it’s inevitable, so why do we continue to resist rather than learn to embrace and accept?

Change in the workplace is good. Without change, tertiary
education institutions become stagnant. Change promotes the development of new skills and it forces people to think out of the box. Communication is essential when it comes to change. All of us need to understand why it is important and how it affects the mission of the university. In the past couple of years, the disruption of the academic programmes at many universities has not only made us look differently at the sector, but it also tested our ability to adapt to change. We had to re-evaluate the nature thereof, establish our role, and deal with the impact it had on us. Regardless of where it originates, whether it is in your professional or personal life, may you embrace change this year and grow from it. The MACE Board looks forward to seeing you this year at the various professional development opportunities!

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